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2017 World Canal Cities Forum

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On Sept. 8th, the 2017 World Canal Cities Forum was held in Yangzhou. Participants to the Forum included guests from over 20 countries and regions including China, France, Ireland, Egypt, the Netherlands, Canada, etc. The theme of the Forum was New Opportunities for World Canal Cities under the Belt & Road Initiative.




This Forum was co-organized by WCCO, Yangzhou Municipal People’s Government, The Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, and the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation. Centering around the theme, the Forum discussed the experience of development of the canal cities, exploring the possibilities and paths of canal culture serving the canal cities’ development.

As an important platform for the world’s canal cities to exchange experiences and ideas, targeting closer cooperation, the World Canal Cities Forum was first held in 2007. WCCO Chairman Mr. Zhu Minyang re-emphasized that it has grown into a global consensus for mankind to respect nature, promote the green development canal cites, and maintain a balance between economic development, heritage protection, and environment protection. During the past 10 years, successive Forums have aimed to act as a bridge and bond between canal cities worldwide, providing comprehensive service and intellectual support in such areas as canal ecology preservation, inheritance and spread of canal culture, and utilization of canal resources.

This year’s Forum is full of highlights and fruitful.

At the Forum on Sept. 8, the keynote speaker delivered an inspiring speech about the opportunities offered by the Belt & Road Initiative for canal cities and the global strategic value of the Initiative.

▲ Mr. Zhou Wei, WCCO Expert and Vice-President and Researcher of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, delivering the keynote speech


In the next session, Dialogue between the Mayors of Canal Cities, the mayors shared their respective home cities’ practices and experiences in green development and the construction of China Grand Canal Cultural Belt, including case studies on the protection and utilization of canal resources as well as their thinking regarding the construction of the Cultural Belt.


The afternoon session of the Forum began with a Meeting on Cooperation between Canal Cities and the Enterprises. A number of enterprises featuring innovation and state-of-the-art and green technologies participated in the meeting, creating a network that promotes the matching between projects, capital, and technologies.


The enterprise meeting session was followed by a World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation Mechanism Meeting, which was attended by representatives of 17 ancient canal towns from China, the Netherlands, and France. The meeting discussed the cooperation and exchanges between the canal towns worldwide, and agreed to the Yangzhou Initiative on World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation.

▲ The Meeting on Cooperation between Canal Cities and Enterprises

▲ The Ceremony of Launching the World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation Mechanism


The afternoon session moved on to a ceremony of signing agreements. WCCO reached agreements on cooperation with six parties respectively – China World Peach Foundation, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, The Institute of China Grand Canal Studies of Yangzhou University, The Tourism Office of Carcassonne (France), and the Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City & Freetech Group (Hong Kong).

▲ The representatives of the signatory parties posing for a group photo


Furthermore, at the end of the Forum, A Directory of World Canals, which is compiled and published jointly by WCCO and the Bilingual Dictionaries Studies Center, was officially launched. The Directory records over 500 canals worldwide, introducing the basic facts about each canal such as history, geography, culture, etc. The book is the first reference book specializing in canal studies, and is expected to offer a useful source of reference for canal enthusiasts, research institutes.

▲ The launching ceremony of A Directory of World Canals

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