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  • We are an organization of canal cities. Owing their birth, existence, and prosperity to their mother rivers, the canal cities join hands in exploring the conservation and utilization of canals …
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  • All we do centers around canals. We work to promote canal-related history and culture, share development experience, enhance economic and cultural exchanges, facilitate  …

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  • Currently, we have a membership of 104, including 71 world canal cities, 16 social institutions, 12 enterprises, and 5 individual members. We welcome the participation of still more canal cities as......


  • 2017-12-22

    On Dec. 21 and 22, Director of WCCO Experts Committee Mr. Zhang Yuejin led a delegation to Beijin+more

  • 2017-12-06

    On the morning of Dec. 6, a collective report team, with a focus on the protection and cultural p+more

  • 2017-12-02

    On Dec. 2, when attending the 2nd China Grand Canal International Summit, WCCO Chairma+more

  • 2017-11-30

    On the morning of Nov. 30, Mr. Xie Zhengyi, Secretary of CPC Yangzhou Municipal Committee visited+more

  • 2017-11-23

    On the afternoon of Nov. 23, WCCO held a meeting to discuss the building of the service platform +more

  • 2017-11-21

    On Nov. 21, the 1st Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network Forum was held in Beijing. Chine+more

  • 2017-11-08

    On the afternoon of Nov. 8, WCCO Chairman Zhu Minyang, also president of CPPCC Yangzhou Municipal+more

  • 2017-10-18

    On Oct. 18, WCCO Secretary Deng Qing and WCCO Promotion Supervisor Edward Wu visited the Canal Su+more

  • 2017-09-15

    On Sept 15, 2017, WCCO Chairman Zhu Minyang attended the International Smart Tourism Conference,<+more

  • 2017-08-21

    On the afternoon of Aug 21, the Mayor of Yangzhou Zhang Aijun visited the WCCO Secretariat and me+more

  • 2017-06-12

    Between June 10 and June 12, the BRICS Political Parties, Think-Tank and Civil Society Organizati+more

  • 2017-05-11

    On May 11, Mr. Wang Jiarui, vice-president of CPPCC National Committee met with the visiting WCCO+more

  • 2017-04-19

    On the morning of April 19, WCCO’s  Expert Consultation Meeting was held in Yangzhou, +more

  • 2017-04-18

    World Historical and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperative Organization (WCCO) held the Second Sessio+more

  • 2017-04-04

    On the afternoon of April 4, WCCO Chairman Zhu Minyang met with former Irish Prime Minister Brian+more

  • 2017-03-31
  • 2017-02-04

    On the afternoon of Feb. 3, Mr. Wang Donghai, managing editor of China.org.cn, visited the WCCO S+more

  • 2016-11-10

    On Nov. 5th, Ms. Irene Pivetti, former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies visited +more

  • 2016-10-25

    From Oct.18 to Oct. 20, WCCO Chairman Zhu Minyang visited Huai'an and Suqian, two cities on C+more

  • 2016-08-23

    On August 23, 2016, Chairman of World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organi+more

  • 2016-08-20

    On August 20, 2016, Secretary General of World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperati+more

  • 2016-08-13

    On August 13, 2016, Chairman of World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organi+more

  • 2016-08-12

    On the morning of Aug.12, 2016, WCCO (World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation +more

  • 2016-04-19

    On April 19, 2016, WCCO (World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization) annua+more


WCCO Held the First Meeting of World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation Service Platform

On Dec. 18th, WCCO (World Canal Historic Cultural Cities Cooperation Organization), in collaboration with Yangzhou Municipal Tourism Administration and 86LINKS, organized the First Meeting of World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation Service Platform.

The meeting represents an effort to put the Yangzhou Initiative into practice, building an online platform for the exchanges and cooperation between world ancient canal towns.On Sep. 8th, 2017, WCCO held the 2017 World Canal Cities Forum in Yangzhou at which 20 ancient canal towns founded a World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation Mechanism and signed The Yangzhou Initiative on World Ancient Canal Towns Cooperation. With an internationalized vision, the platform uses modern media technologies as its carrier and aims to optimize resources allocation, facilitate information publication and services provision, delivering matching services between the demand and supply sides around canal towns’ development. 


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